Grundfos Product Center, Grundfos' on-line catalog.

Grundfos Product Center contains information about the entire range of Grundfos products. It also offers advanced pump replacement and sizing calculations for choosing the right Grundfos pump.

Consultants, installers and industrial customers in most countries can have this programme installed on their computers.

In Grundfos Product Center you will find:

The Catalogue function gives you quick access to information about the entire range of Grundfos pumps.

When selecting a pump in the Catalogue, you can find:
* Pump and motor curves,
* Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical data,
* Pictures and dimensional drawings of the pump

Using the Replacement feature, finding a replacement for your existing pump has never been easier!
Just select your present pump and the software will present you with the latest and most efficient alternatives.

The software can be used as a valuable tool for selecting the right Grundfos pump required for a certain job. It will guide you through a series of choices such as flow-rate, maximum pressure, liquid temperature etc., which the pump must sustain. Based on this information, it will search the catalogue and present a range of pumps that comply with the information provided.
You can also perform a Life Cycle Cost Calculation (LCC) and see how much money can be saved from choosing a more competitive and efficient Grundfos pump.

In addition to the Catalogue and the replacement and sizing calculations, it also contains the Installation and Operating manuals for almost all pumps in all western languages, including most East European, dimensional drawings, pictures and electrical connection schemes.

In some cases, customers need to use a number of different pumps and accessories for a larger project. The Project feature allows the user to store and manage all relevant data.”