From design to manufacture, the AGL factory in Jacksonville, AR produces rotating, pipe, and grade lasers, as well as machine control components.

AGL is owned by Hexagon AB in Sweden, a measurement technology company. AGL is a division of  the Hexagon family with engineering and production in the United States, Europe, and China. The ability to share technology between groups provides world-class solutions. AGL operates globally – applying the best global practices from American, Europe, and Asia, adapted to local markets.

Over 45 years ago in 1964, the founders of AGL developed and successfully used the first pipe laser and started the construction laser industry.

In 1968, the start-up partnership was changed to a corporation as more and more contractors wanted to purchase the “laser method” and AGL’s business grew. The introduction of the pipe laser coincided with the development of the hydraulic excavator. With these new products, pipe contractors had highly productive tools that allowed them to dig more ditch accurately and install more pipe each day. This was a quantum leap in productivity for the pipe contractor.

AGL has been focused from the beginning in supplying construction customers with precision control methods that enhance profitability, are tough, reliable and simple to use. "TOTAL VALUE" for the customer is the sum of (a) initial purchase price, (b) operating cost-maintenance during the life of the product, and (c) cost to set up and use the product each and every day. We develop "CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE" by providing the best "TOTAL VALUE" control systems.

L&W Engineering Equipment Limited is the authorized AGL distributor for Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean

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